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The Power of Stopping

We are conditioned to think mostly about what we should be ‘doing.’  Certainly, most jobs reward based on what we do.  I understand this.  I have found over time that there is a subtler, and often more powerful, action that is of more value – the act of stopping... read more

A Failure of Leadership; a Failure of Values; Both?

Lessons of Leadership – A Note to Michigan State University: Remember Penn State In January, 2012, I wrote the following as part of a larger piece on the painful lessons  of leadership. “It is a great and painful lesson.  When we put on the mantle of leadership we are... read more

Creating Memories

I received a very cool gift from my daughter for Christmas this year.  I’ll get to that in a minute. Now that I am a grandparent, I realize even more how much effort is involved in being a parent of young children.  With both parents working there are always... read more

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Jim Struck is peerless in his understanding of the complexity and impact of coaching individuals and organizations. His career reflects mastery in assisting others in attaining their potential and organizational transformation. During my tenure with Choices, Inc, as President and Executive Director of Families Reaching for Rainbows, Inc, Jim helped build my leadership skills and reinforced the excellence I was striving to achieve. He awakened untapped resources within me and encouraged powerful networking and leadership talents. Through Jim’s passion for this field and his tireless years of Leadership Vision, you see his lasting impact all across this community.


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